Judicial Review

 Judicial Review Vol 15 No 1, 2010
March 2010
Dear Reader
The first issue of Judicial Review for 2010 has now been published. Papers featured in this exciting issue include:
Practice and Procedure in the New Supreme Court - CJS Knight
A Case for Confirmation Hearings for Appointment to the New Supreme Court - Alexander Horne
Public Interest Interventions in the Supreme Court: Ten Virtues - Michael Fordham QC
The Crown's Common Law Powers - Richard McManus QC
What the Crown May Do - John Howell QC
Founding Legitimate Expectations on Unincorporated Treaties - Sanjay Patel
Echoes of the Chevron Doctrine in English Law? - Lucy Hallam-Eames
Public Law Defences in Possession Proceedings - Nik Nicol
Security for Costs and (Un)Incorporated Claimants - Cain Ormondroyd
Administrative Court Office Fees Update
Book Review: Richard Moules, Actions Against Public Officials: Legitimate Expectations, Misstatements and Misconduct - Estelle Dehon
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