Justice Dalia Dorner

Born March 3, 1934, in Turkey. Immigrated to Israel in 1944.

Attended elementary school and high school in Haifa, Israel; Hebrew University in Jerusalem, M. Jur. 1958.

Law Practice
Admitted to the Israeli Bar, 1960.

Military Service
Director, Office of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Defender; Deputy Attorney, IDF Central Command; President, IDF Military District Court 1973; Judge, IDF Military Court of Appeals 1974; attained the rank of colonel.

Judicial Offices
Judge, District Court of Be’er Sheva (appellate level of the Israeli judiciary) 1979-1984; Judge, District Court of Jerusalem 1984-1994; Justice, Supreme Court of Israel since 1994.

Law Teaching
M.A. and Ph.D. Advisor, Faculty of Humanities, Haifa University 1995-1999.
Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University in Jerusalem 2000.

Published Works
The Influence of the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty on the Law of Pretrial Detention, 4 Mishpat Umimshal: Law and Government in Israel 13 (1987) [Hebrew];
Affirmative Action and Women’s Equality, 20 Tel Aviv University Law Review 541 (1987) [Hebrew];
Proportionality, Berenson Book 281 (2nd ed., Part 2, A. Barak and H. Berenson eds., 2000) [Hebrew];
The Constitutional Protection of Human Dignity, Human Dignity or Humiliation? The Tension of Human Dignity in Israel 16 (A. Hareven and Ch. Baram eds., 2000) [Hebrew];
Between Equality and Human Dignity [Shamgar Book] (Article’s, part I) 9;
Does Israel Have a Constitution? 43 Saint Louis University Law Journal 1325 (1999);
Human Reproduction: Reflections on the Nachmani Case, 35 Texas International Law Journal 1 (2000);
Jurisprudence in the Age of Biotechnology: An Israeli Case Analysis, Medical Ethics at the Dawn of the 21st Century 188 (R. Cohen-Almagor ed., 2000); The Best Interest of the Child and Parental Rights, 26 Medicine & Law 101 (2002) [Hebrew].

Noteworthy Opinions
Alice Miller: recognizing the right of women to serve as fighter pilots in the Israel Defense Forces.
Danilowitz: defining “spouse” to include gay and lesbian partners for the purpose of securing spousal rights and benefits in the workplace.
Nachmani: establishing a woman’s right to gain possession of her frozen fertilized eggs for in vitro fertilization over her husband’s objections.
Plonim (Anonymous): determining that Israel could not lawfully detain Lebanese citizens as “bargaining chips” for future prisoner exchanges.
Kidum and Yapaoora-Tavori: establishing the scope of commercial speech in Israel.

Honorary member of the American Law Institute 2005 Received the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Weizmann Institute of Science.