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Please sign the petition "Governments of Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Sign a peace treaty on the basis of two-state solution" and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:


Here's why it's important:

Enough blood has been shed. The children of Israel and Palestine deserve a peaceful, tranquil future

Please sign and please feel free to pass it around. We need as many signatures as possible.
Peace is the key for Israel's survival.

Peace in the Middle East requires vision and boldness.

Peace is a precious commodity. Like any other precious commodity it is expensive. Those who wish peace should be willing to pay and sacrifice for it.

Peace pact should be fair and just for all signatories, otherwise its worth is no more than a piece of paper.

Peace is maintained only when its signatories are happy and content with it; only when they have more to gain by peace, and much more to lose if peace is annulled.
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Article of the Month: Two-State Solution - The Way Forward - November 2011

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